Monday, November 22, 2010

The Perfect Music For Your Reading Time - Volume One!

Tis time, verily, to find just the right music for each and every literary wit that thou loveth to indulge in...!

First off, for those times that you give in to your 
Jane Austen urges... Listen to this:

And while you are reading the new and improved Anne Rice (the non-vampiric one) you may have this soothing music permeating your abode...

On those occasions when you are surrendering to a more defiant guilty pleasure (we have two words for you: Harlequin novels) you may let this one play on and on, in the backdrop full of blooming begonias and enchanting fairies with ever-so charming flickering wings that you`ve imagined yourself in as you read on and on...!

The next one to agrement your reading of the works of such illuminaries as Isaac (Asimov) and Jules (Verne)...!

And this one is for your perusing of everything Stephen Hawking ever dished out on you:

More to come...

Sempre Por O Melhor

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