Saturday, August 14, 2010

From Author To Author - Vacation Is No Resting Time!

It's actually WRITING TIME! If you believe what these scribe versions of the SITC cast blabber about... I mean, write about!
 Check them out here.

It does make sense, sure - for, nowadays, there is no such thing as pure "downtime" anymore (unless you are very technologically deprived or something!)

Still... Let us be original here - shall we?

We, at the TLB Prime Network, don't even want to pick up a book and read it during our vacation time (unless it is to read a verse or two from the Good Book, at bedtime!) much less spend the entire time writing one...! Ha! Never! Enough toiling in front of the computer all throughout the year as it is - time off is TIME OFF - period! And exclamation mark even - obviously!

Vacation time... is for THIS:

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