Sunday, December 23, 2007

The REAL Literary Society...

Justine Lévy managed what critics deemed to be "the impossible" - give a very run-of-the-mill story a vocabulary worthy of the most erudite (or high-browed) philosophy, poet and feminist circles...! Carla Bruni came, saw her man, and took him - for a while, anyway! (Now she has moved on to other prey... Bigger prey... But that is another sordid story!)

Justine (whose middlename appears to be Juliette - lest her name is the deliciously odd and unusual composite of Justine-Juliette) simply retold her own story in her own words (being the daughter of a famed intellectual "made her that way" from the very start) - et voilà! No "impossible feat" here - at all. Get true scribes to pen the pathetic misadventures of those "Desperate Housewives" on the telly, and you will get the exact same result as Justine's "Rien de grave" (Nothing serious) book!

The book proved to be great therapy for Justine - writing it was nothing less than cathartic, she could have said. No kidding; she simply inverted Carla for "Paula" and proceeded to dissect her character, calling her things like "a preying mantis" (hence the prey comment earlier, here - hence, quite evidently, you will assess now that I agree with Justine! Preying Mantis it is!) and one with "a Terminator smile" (right on again! Carla's best nude pics, from her days as a model, were always those in which the witch did NOT smile! But I'm digressing again...)

Justine Lévy was greeted with open arms, as the highest echelons of the literary society flung all doors wide open for her - through a fashion designer though? Diane von Fürstenberg - not the least socialite, by far, of course... But, what has she written of note?

Nothing stops Diane from being mécène to Justine though - nothing at all...! However...
On sent d'autres scandales qui arrivent, là...!!!  

On interviews, in various platforms, 
Justine gives us the impression, at times,  
of wanting to be France's own Ann Coulter...

She followed that up with 
a book titled ''Mauvaise Fille'' 
--- proving to be, also, 
a French version of Lena Dunham - duh!

Et que dire de 
La Gaieté...

She didn't mean this - did she:

Well - gotta read the book to find out!

Ideal summer trip reading -
 no more, no less. 

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