Monday, December 24, 2007

It was Christmas Night
And all through the house
nothing was found to be stirring
not even a mouse!

Well... GOOD!
Last thing you want is to find out you have
a RAT problem - on a HOLIDAY
when all the pest specialists
or "vermin control agents"
commonly known as Exterminators
are all found to be unavailable
all at the same time!

Well, it's been another interesting year
literary as literally-speaking...!
And another interesting Christmas night
with odd nightly visitors
only they were not as the one we had
in 2004 - an attempted break-in!
No, they were the usual sort...
nightmare buddies!
The oddest assemblage gets together
for that sort of dreaming, oftentimes...

Maybe I should do as Robert E. Howard indeed
and inspire myself from those odd dreams
for the penmanship part of my life!
It worked for Bob...!
Why not for Luce, eh?

My literary resolution
for the new year
is resolutely taken, methinks!
In writ, to boot!
That's it for my seasonal posts
here, on the Literati Blog!


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