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Just Add Some MILK There, While You're At It, Why Don't You?!?

Now, do not panic, ladies and gentlemen, at the sight of this title right here! This isn't to go on a very distasteful diatribe against the publishing industry again (or the movie industry, music industry, pharmaceutical industry... basically any industry there is, really! Agro? Perish the thought: I have respect for dairy farmers; they're not pub-leech-ers! But I'm digressing already here - as per usual as I love to do...!) - although, I am pretty sure that I've said it before; maybe not blogged it, but certainly said it: these things are mass-produced, dried-up, repackaged and strewn-over so much, all you have to do to consume them is add milk, or water - et voilà!

Admittedly, yes, adding water could work too. But that is not the point right now...

A recently published book has apparently successfully linked the assassination plots that offed JFK, MLK and RFK... A movie about one Harvey MILK was released recently enough, too - and it narrowingly beat the release of that book; thank Sean Penn for that - as if to say Harvey is more greatly missed than John, Martin and Robert - so why not have included him in the mix as well, hmm? They killed the Kennedys because they wanted to change things; so wanted Martin Luther King. And Harvey Milk too! If he had had his way, the gay way would have been far easier - that much sooner. So Harvey was as much a 'threat of change' as the other three. But the book does not go so far. Maybe Milk wasn't so necessary to, ah, milk it, I suppose...
Easy pun to make - I know.

But you can see where I'm going with this - can't you?

JFK, MLK and RFK - wow, and they call it "bombshell" material?
What's more, this is a SURPRISE to some...?!?

I'll tell you what a "heavily researched" book could surprise me with: if it actually successfully linked the murders of Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman and the mass suicide of that Heaven's Gate cult...!
Now THAT would be surprising!
If someone wrote a book that tried to tie together the "suicide" of one Marilyn Monroe with that of George Reeves and that of Van Gogh...!
Now THAT would be mightily surprising, yes...!
If any author out there attempts to assemble shoe-horned evidence that "proves without a shadow of a doubt" that it was the exact same conspirators that attempted to kill Ronald Reagan, Pope John-Paul II and Lucky Luciano and then turned around and traced links to the actual assassinations of Gandhi, Benazir and Yitzhak - now THEN AND ONLY THEN would I be forced to pause and go "OH MY GOD - they're right!!!"

A conspiracy theorist's wet dream, in short - THAT is the only thing that could possibly "shock" me out of my state of luminescent indifference!

Or rather, not indifference but IMPERMIABILITY!

Because, let's face it now: anyone like me has already seen IT ALL.

And nothing, I repeat, absolutely NOTHING can surprise me anymore!
For I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And I do mean EVERYTHING.

Obviously, this is meant in real-life; not in ''revised history'' or whatever this exercise should be called - and revisionism is what I always adhered to as label, to be frank. All of this ''revisionary'' work is, therefore, superfluous at best - for it preoccupies us with past events (even though time is an illusion - we have to keep with it) while very serious are going down right now - and we ignore it.

What is the point of preoccupying oneself with past tragedies - if it is not to be forewarned and prevent such occurrences to ever happen again in the future - meaning right now!

Or haven't you heard - the future is now! 

Our focus should be on it - not on the things we cannot change anymore (unless they create that time machine H.G. wrote about!) and most certainly not on invented stories (and I say this even though fiction is my forté...!)

We are, increasingly so, in a world that is simply blind to the dangers that surrounds it - so many do not read at all and those who do are reading the wrong material...!

That is why even writing books seems nearly superfluous to me at this time; since REALITY is so much more unbelievably disturbing than fiction!


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Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Heavily researched book links JFK murder to killing of RFK and MLK

Wed Jan 7, 10:30 AM

By Carl Hartman, The Associated Press


"Legacy of Secrecy/The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination" (Counterpoint)

By Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann

A new, heavily researched book on John F. Kennedy's murder and its investigation sees links with a bagful of sensational stories, from President Johnson's fear of a nuclear attack by the Soviets to the killing of Martin Luther King Jr.

The links all connect with the main contention in "Legacy of Secrecy" that the assassination was engineered by Carlos Marcello, longtime Mafia boss in New Orleans. That theory is far from new. There's evidence that Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the president's brother, believed it. Authors Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann broaden the theme.

Marcello had a special grudge against the Kennedys because Robert, who fought organized crime, once had him deported to an uncomfortable exile in Central America. Born in Tunisia, Marcello carried false papers that gave Guatemala as his country of origin. He soon found his way back to the United States.

Not long after President Kennedy's death, Johnson sought to make sure of a friendly voice on the investigating commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Johnson is quoted as warning a favourite senator that he'd better join it, to prevent Castro and Khrushchev "from kicking us into a war that can kill 40 million Americans in an hour."

Sen. Richard Russell, D-Ga., was reluctant to serve. Johnson was apparently so vehement that Russell changed his mind and agreed to become a member.

White supremacist Joseph A. Milteer had aroused suspicion when police recorded him predicting, less than two weeks before the assassination, that Kennedy would be killed by a high powered rifle with a telescopic sight, fired from an upper-floor window. That's the official version of what actually happened in Dallas. The new book says a proper investigation of the prediction could have led to Marcello through Milteer's contacts with Mafia figures, and might have frustrated the assassination.

Four years later, the book says, Marcello brokered a deal in which Milteer paid James Earl Ray to kill Martin Luther King Jr. It also finds that Marcello's biographer, John H. Davis, and journalist David E. Scheim made "compelling cases" for Marcello's involvement in the killing of Robert Kennedy.

"Legacy of Secrecy" is the second of two volumes - more than 1,700 pages including 170 of photos, facsimiles and footnotes. Waldron worked for seven years in the criminal justice system in Georgia. Hartmann is a psychotherapist and radio show host. They have worked on the Kennedy assassination since 1988.

Their first volume, "Ultimate Sacrifice," was published in 2005. As the climax to earlier secret U.S. actions against Castro, it presented an elaborate "State-Defense Contingency Plan for a Coup in Cuba," approved by the Kennedys. Execution of the coup was halted by Kennedy's assassination, 10 days before the coup was due to start on Dec. 1, 1963.

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Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...


The US government has actively worked to put forthe meme that people who believe in conspiracy theories are nuts. I wonder why they would do that? Not because they don't want people to find out all the evil they've done, surely. Wake up, children. It's time to put down your hamburgers and pay attention.

POSTED BY: firebreather on THU, JAN 08, 2009 07:23 PM -0500

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No they all got it wrong it was an alien from planet K-Pax who morphed into a human form in order to take out the supreme leader of another planet who happened to take on the form of JFK. Whatever!!!! Name your favorite conspiracy theory it is all bunch of BS!

POSTED BY: Paul on THU, JAN 08, 2009 07:21 PM -0500

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Hope I live long enough to hear the truthfull facts.

POSTED BY: watdmt on THU, JAN 08, 2009 07:07 PM -0500

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you have here President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech : Maybe these are his killers,those behind 9/11,behind wars on terror,behind the artificial world financial crisis,the real terrorists,the promoters of their New World Worder and world government( the last great dictatorship and end or mankind freedom )

POSTED BY: sherlock_holmes on THU, JAN 08, 2009 06:43 PM -0500

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"Bombshell" or more BS?

POSTED BY: Okhrana on THU, JAN 08, 2009 06:41 PM -0500

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Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

Hey... if Sherlock is in on this, too...


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