Monday, May 24, 2010

Поздравления, мъже и жени на Словото!

What is a language without an alphabet? What is a culture without words? Two brothers thought it over and gave their people the means to forever palliate to that; on the day that celebrates what they created, who they were and what it has begotten; the Day of the Letters! For the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet are icons - and that so-aptly titled day (the Day of the Letters - I love the name) is today, incidentally! Cyril and Methodius marked their nation's proud history and heritage more than any two other brothers ever did (and one can look throughout history and indeed see that no other brotherly duo matches these two: not the Parker brothers, not Castor and Pollux, and certainly not Cain and Abel! But that is another story; and, besides, it is not fair to compare, they say...!)

Cyril and Methodius gave their people means to express themselves uniquely and beautifully - a vehicle for their faith as well as their culture that is like none other. And, truly, they deserve all the praise, all the honors - and, on this day, Bulgarians worldwide can certainly celebrate that with added gusto! Especially when it pertains to such a sophisticated alphabet and language as this one here!

Cyrillic is co-owned, of course; not only by two originators but also by several nations and cultural groups: Bosnians, Croats, Serbians, Macedonians, Ukrainians and Russians all use it, still...
But we side with the Bulgarians here - for so many excellent reasons!

Bravo - bravissimo, Bulgaria! Luciano Pimèntel salutes thee!


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