Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pink Slip - not Freudian at all, but...

Shameless plug 101:
biographies, authorized or not, as well as
memoirs and other divagations in writ
are always fascinating to read...
For they transport into someone else's world
or view of the world,
and it is a mystery to all
that there are so many unique views
of the same rotten reality
as there are individuals on this earth...!

Thus, with all that in mind,
enjoy reading about the Pink Lady's
special point of view and path through life -
that is until you can read about
the Blue Lady... the Golden Lady...
and the Cyanean Lady as well?

The Pink Lady... not to be confused with this one: 

or this one: 

or this:

or this one...?!?

Not sure who this is now...

... pass!

or the elder Pink Lady...

nor this Miso Pink one...

or Pink.

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