Tuesday, September 10, 2013


They say it isn't fair to judge a book by its cover; and that stands to reason; even today - even in 2013.  Qu'à cela ne tienne... Let us not judge but just ogle at them, covers - just as we aaaaaaaaaall do, on any given occasion, at any bookstore we ever step into...!  We ogle them all right; we peer at them, we scrutinize them as if we truly were able to tell, just from those covers, what the merits of the entire work really are. And although we know that to even think this possible is a total and utter fallacy, we still do it, time and time again.  Keep the judgmental attitude for the author's names, folks; that is, if you know them at all, of course, I say...!

Just admire the covers for what they are: a mere introduction into another realm, a very simple and unadulterated peek into it - most often nothing more but nothing less than a creative mind's own private universe (though not-so private anymore, the moment that the attempt is made to make money off it, by releasing it onto a market made of an unsuspecting but always discriminating public, a readership that might not even ''get it'' at all; but that is another story...!)

Ah, yes - there are, also, such things as audio books 
actually read to you by the authors themselves! 
It would have been quite the experience 
(not a luminous writing experience though - no) 
to have had ''Le Rempart...'' read to us 
by Mallet-Joris herself, for example... 
But, of course, we can live without that!

But how about having a book sung to you instead...?

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