Friday, May 31, 2013

There's No Literati Quite Like... E!

And Bookee! But ''E'' came first, waaaaaaay first; and since it is a lady that we are writing about here, primarily, all the more reason to have ''E'' coming first here, as well...!

was born in 1867 and it wouldn't be until the time
when she turned a quite venerable sixty-three years of age
that she finally saw her life's work PUBLISHED. 

And, nowadays, that life's work is readily available 
fifty years after her death 
on this wondrous world wide web of ours
courtesy of a non-profit website called 
(well... sort of!)
Check out the previews below...
But, first, read on!

The one book in particular, 
from that remarkable life's body of work,  
that this luminous blogger affectionates 
above all 
would have to be this one 
right here: 

The version still adorning my personal library today 
is still graced by the very same cover (dust-jacket, really) 
that you see above, here, indeed; 
classic all the way, this tome is truly 
the consummate, all-inclusive 
compendium of classical mythology 
juxtaposed to Christianity Thought 
and that is one of the many reasons 
I do adore this book! 

Now get a little taste of it, 
if your school's curriculum 
wasn't good enough 
to have forced you to do so, 
already, years ago...!

The little taste that follows 
in the form of a swell 
summarized preview 
of the contents of this classic 
is, again, thanks to

 powered by

An example of class and perseverence 
second to none!  
And a fine example of what Bryn Mawr College 
can produce, too...! 


MAYDAY - we're missing chapter 18!

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