Sunday, April 08, 2012

Xuloned - Again And Again

Going to pieces over that old manuscript you've been toiling over for months... years... decades now, maybe?

Well - fret not, literatis: there is help on the horizon!

Or at least, it won't be all for naught - if the lump sum is right!
But if the calling is there; so should be the money!
So ask yourself now:

Xulon Press exists to serve Christian authors publish Christian books. If you’re called by God to write, consider us your faith-based partner in using your God-given talent.

Publishing your book with Xulon Press is affordable, pain-free and easy to do. Thanks to our network of 25,000 bookstores, plus and Barnes and Noble, your book can reach a readership of thousands in just days.

If you would like to learn more, request a free Publishing Guide using the button below.

Now go back and anguish some more over that manuscript!
And your first installment too, perhaps...

Xulon should really pay me for this! Really.



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