Saturday, April 07, 2012

Xulon - Again

I wonder why - or how - does Xulon know to send me these appealing e-mails to my writing address; indeed, the one I use for all things having to do with my writing projects!

And they come to me through the venerable service of... CrossCards!

If you haven't sent your Easter e-cards yet - do it through CrossCards!
It's never too late! Send your Christmas e-cards in advance too, while you're at it!
CrossCards is there for that - and there for thee, all year round! Thank you, CrossCards! (From one cross-carrier to another...)

And what does CrossCards tell me about my writing, you wonder?
It tells me to go with the best faith-based partner in crime (er, in rhyme) there could be in the publishing business today: Xulon!
Don't trust me on that one now - listen to the official spokesman of the company tell you aaaaaaaaaaaall about it on the other side of this link right here - click on the button now:

All of these Xulons 
can't be wrong! 
Get all the Xuls... I mean, clues! Don't be a nul... nil... nitwit?
Be a Lit-Wit!
Be with Xulon!

(I wonder if Xulon will pay me for this...?)



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