Friday, August 12, 2011

The Greatest

Aye, it is deserving of the title of "greatest bookstore that ever was" on the merits of its concept alone. But, as I alluded to on Twitter, wouldn't it be just the PERFECT store if it brought this great concept onto a set-up such as this one? Alas, such places want to make you pay for all that comfort (they'd charge you for the very air you breathe, if they could!) so you can forget about any such sweet deals and atmosphere there...!)

As things are, this only serves as further evidence that, in order to get everything you really want at the best possible prices, you have to shop at various locations - always. No one place can truly claim to be "the one-stop shopping venue" for whatever it may be! You have to visit several shops in order to find each and every one of the five major elements that will make you finally BUY: quality, suitable quantity (for your tastes and needs), a great shopping experience, good service (before, during and sometimes after the sale) and, most importantly of all of these elements, the right price!

In this particular case, the shop takes a huge risk and gambles that most (if not all) book lovers will be honest enough and/or have enough of a heart in order to contribute something in return for the freedom to "help yourself" to any and all books readily available there...

Thank God for altruistic used books peddlers, I guess...?

May one set up shop in your area soon - for however long as possible!

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Kit Whelan · Maryland
According to the internet, it's the Paradox Bookstore in Wheeling, WV.​2011/08/11/bookstore-wants​-you-to-read-you-can-pay-l​ater%E2%80%A6or-not%E2%80%​A6whatever/

Andi Chrisman · School of Communication Arts
I was a bookseller at Borders, long before they had fallen. We were allowed to use the books like it was a library. I loved it! I often found myself buying books I otherwise wouldn't have, just because I got the chance to read more of it ahead of time. Good for them.

Sempre Por O Melhor


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