Saturday, January 14, 2012

Writing Contest - Become An E-Bookworm!

I have long ago decided to forego most of these great s
- but you can feel free to go for it,
of course!
Any and all of you -
especially the members of the
lamented but laudable
LLLWE group back on Care2Connect!
(My group - my prerogative to rename it
any which way I deem to fit!
It used to be the
Luminous Writing Experiment
Then it became the
Luciano's Luminous Writing Experience!
Now, and forevermore, it is
Luminous Luciano's Lavish Writing Experience!
It better be fine with you...!

If you click on the "writing woman" above
you may yet get to read the winning entry
from the last such exercise -
Janice Porter, deemed to be an "asset"
by the powers-that-be at XP over there,
for she turned her phrases well
in a minimalist kind of way...

The next Xulonned Literati 
could be YOU! 

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