Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dany Boy & The Devil Itself

Guérin publie... La Croix de Lucifer. Une trilogie - en plus. QUOI...?!? 

This ''vitrine'' that we saw the copy pictured above in... 
It doesn't seem to think too highly of this fluff, either! 
It lists its ''tale of the tape'' as - 4 chapters and... 0 pages!!!
Maybe it would have been for the best indeed - not to waste the paper...

How low can Guérin go?!? And to think that, once upon a time, one would not hesitate to put this publisher on the same level as Scholastic... Saint-Benedict Press... Penguin Books!!! 

Dany Desjean simply molds together all the elements of an old recipe here - affixes it different names, a few twists all his own - and serves it up to the fans of the wretched genre.  There really isn't any more to say about this story - if you want more, click on the red book above to read it all - and weep, too, for it is both in French only *and* quite boring as well...

One constant chuckle I get is with the name of the demonic creature that he came up with (or pilfered from somewhere - it really doesn't matter)... Hagarim?  HaHaHaHaHaHa - it was my invented word, as a toddler; instead of crying like any other baby, I would say ''ha-ga-rinho'' quite literally. Still not sure what I meant by that or how I came up with it (most likely it was just a bit of improvised gibberish - like so much of the stuff that finds its way into print nowadays! But that's another story.) One thing is for darn sure: I sure as heck wasn't invoking any demons, you fools!  For, in my best moods, I would invoke ''O Kiko'' which was my baby version of ''O Cristo'' - The Christ! See?  But enough about me - back to Dany Boy now!

In short, Dany Boy here came up with names (or stole them, outright) that I was mumbling myself when I was a babe quite literally born yesterday - and then he came up with stuff (he called it his storyline) that I was having nightmares about at my most darkly influenced teenager days (or nights, in truth) when I was *this close* to becoming a full-fledged Millenialist myself...! 

And to think that vast amounts of publicity money were engulfed trying to promote this as the ominous dates of 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 were fast approaching...  Yet, there is no real connection as this silly tale has no resonance with these dates, Mayan lore or even the Holy Bible (this, despite the atrocious title it bears, somehow...)

Better luck next time, Dany Boy...  Rating: 1 out of 7.



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