Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Promo Page On The Block!

Lest it is on Facebook indeed - aye, aye, it is most certainly on FB - indeed!
But what is this blurb really trying to say here - more importantly, how is it trying to say it?

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Now wouldn't it be nice if whoever wrote that short blurb to merely promote the promo page would take the necessary time to proofread just a tiny bit... hmm? 

Historical author Susanna Kearsley (S.K. for short - nearly as heart-warming as ''JKR'') is one of those authors who genuinely loves history, loves telling stories - and, surely, she loves telling them in a way that makes total and complete sense - it goes without precising! Alas, her support crew saw not that as necessary and failed her completely - refusing to proofread one single sentence, rendering it nonsensical with one superfluous word: "more" which, ironically enough, proves that they never truly adhered to the adage which says that less is more...! (Though one suspects they were trying to keep it short, as they do on Twitter! Same rules apply to FB publicity, sure, but still...!) And, perhaps even worse: we can see them daring to follow that up with a two-word non-sentence! They couldn't try to put just a tiny little bit of effort into it, like coming up with "please feel invited to stop by whenever and as often as you please, dear readers - Susanna loves you all!"

And that love sure is reciprocal  - as evidenced by what her fans are posting, uploading over on YouTube: now just look at this and you will see how much they love her writing, her characters, her fiction and her universe overall - and want to see it "fleshed out" if you will...

As it so happens, to add insult to injury (perhaps) 
Miss SK's most famed novel is available on 
YouTube of all places - as an audiobook 
totally free of charge.

No wonder Susanna gives such 
outrageous interviews afterwards...!



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