Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Luminous Library

For this Ode to The Library, 
and the love of books, 
we have chosen to imagine ourselves 
in what many consider to be 
the library of libraries, 
the Holy See of Book Lovers - 
and heaven for bookworms everywhere: 
the Boston Public Library!

Photograph's Credits: Karen Choi. Boston Public Library. 
Used under the Fair Use Act. No Copyright Infringement intended whatsoever.

Is there any other place on Earth 
where we, surrounded by earthly things 
comfort and silence, 
can indulge in so many heavenly things? 
All the knowledge, all the poetic twists, 
all the heart-melting discoveries; 
and it all is there, at your fingertips, 
all there in the warm cozy confines 
and near-sacredly kept halls of 
the Library. 

Books by the thousands, 
so many silent friends that you can invite home 
and that you know will not fail you. 
Not all created equal, 
but all equally interesting 
in their variety of subject matters, 
these denizens of the Library 
are dispatched with care and trust, 
as children are by their mother 
when they come into the outside world. 
ready and apt to share 
their knowledge and wit 
with everyone who will read them. 

And they have stories, 
so many wondrous stories to tell us, too, 
as they go from hand to hand, 
from person to person, 
from reader to reader; 
spreading infectious smiles 
and countless hours of pure, 
unadulterated merriment. 

What better setting to indulge in them, 
other than their natural habitat? 
You find yourself in hallowed surroundings, 
surrounded by kindred spirits, 
with all the choice in the world - 
even e-books, 
if you take that free hour 
of internet access, too! 
The Library offers them all to you - 
and it is all yours for the taking!
And, unlike its mercantile cousin, 
the black sheep of the Lit family, 
the Bookstore 
-whether it is of noble blood or not, 
garbed in soothing indigo colours 
faithful down to the chapter and verse 
or not- 
the Library, 
on the contrary, 
will make it all at your disposal 
absolutely free. 

Only - do not delay; 
neither to visit it, and visit it frequently, 
nor to come back, with its errant children, 
if you ever do bring them outside... 
Come back to the Library - 
for it has always been there for thee!


Sempre Por O Melhor 


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