Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Putting the SUSPENS(E) in the SUSPENSION POINTS...

On this most important day in the history of all media really, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of a landmark event.

Alfred's rise began officially on this day indeed - January 24th, back in 1927, with the release of his very first film, "The Pleasure Garden".

The master of suspense has been a favorite of every thriller aficionado ever since - including yours truly, evidently! Or would I be blogging about this here, hmm? ;)

"Young Hitchcock" (would make a better film than "Young Einstein" was, for sure - probably a better one than "Young Frankenstein" as well?) had, already, all the trademark tactics of his future masterful self in The Pleasure Garden; he would perfect them with time and with each new film, but it was all there already - in the raw, perhaps, but there!

Alfred Hitchcock's films utilize suspense rather than surprise. Instead of assaulting the viewer with frightening things, Hitchcock builds tension by giving the audience information that the characters in the film lack. In several films, he aligns the audience's perspective with that of a voyeuristic character, thereby denying the viewer a morally unambiguous perspective from which to judge the action.
And, of course, Alfred Hitchcock was a devoted fanatic of suspenseful tales in writ - and he had some fetish as well, but let's not get into that right now...!
Stick to the suspense here...!

Yes - suspense! Suspense rather than surprise! The thinking man's preference, without a doubt!

And how best to convey tension in writ than by wetting the appetite of one's reader, let him know there is much left unsaid, hint at much more to come, underline the imperceptible fact but undeniable sensation that what is left unworded is even more important than what we allow the reader to know...

How better to prolong both your pleasure and your reader's languishing...? ;)

How better to tease them to death...?

As I am now...! *lol*

Oh, well - there are as many writing styles as there are genres - maybe even as there are readers?

Still, the time-honored method is to tease, hint, bait and switch! *lol*

The good ol' bait and switch - but that is another story...

See? I did it again...! ;)

Tis no coincidence, folks, that the term "suspense" derives from "suspension" and those are the points that, when they come in triads, make aaaaaall the difference...!

The number three is key too...
It invokes the Greatest Mystery of All - it evokes the Supreme Source - it encompasses all the structures there could be...

It embodies perfection!

And be sure that I do not call for suspension of disbelief at this time - at all...!

It is not just my culture but many out there that affectionate and champion the attributes of the number three...

Therefore, I have but one thing to do at the present time - and it is to rest my case...!

Oh - and encourage the usage of ellipses...



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